DDoS \ Issue with Data Store 1
Incident Report for CloudSpace UK
23:55 - All services should now be restored and operating normally.

20:15 - We are starting to restore services.

19:50 - The issue with Data Store 1 is resolved, we are just performing some further analysis before restoring services.

18:00 - Our Engineers are currently working with our storage vendor to identify the specific cause of the issue.

15:00 - Engineers are still investigating.

13:00 - We are still experiencing issues with our compute zones. VM's on Data Store 1 will currently be impacted.

12:30 - We have mitigated the DDoS however we are seeing part of our compute zones offline. Update follows.

11:45 - We are currently investigating what appears to be a DDoS towards our cloud infrastructure.
Posted May 23, 2018 - 12:00 UTC